As a mom, I know first hand that convincing your crew that taking time out of your weekend to get dressed and stand in front of a stranger with a camera is not what they are most looking forward to. So first and foremost I am beyond proud of you for making the first step and THANK YOU for choosing to do your session with me! I want you to leave your session feeling confident your investment was worth every penny. I am going to do my very best to make this a great experience for you and your family, which is why I created this session guide for you! 

Make it a Memory

Booking your family session can already induce stress trying to get everything together for that perfect picture to hang in your living room. And in this guide I provide you with tons of tips to make that happen! But above all else, I hope you can make this experience not just another “to-do” item you check off your calendar each year, but make it a memory. A tradition! Something that your family can look back and say, “Remember when…”. These are the good ol’ days. So lets cherish each other. Be patient with our kids. And make it a memory. Because at the end of the day, nothing else really matters.

Lets Talk About Style!

It's Time For Mom to shine.

Alright mom, its your time to shine and purchase that long, flowy dresses you’ve been eyeing! Or are you ready to show off your legs you’ve been working hard on with those perfect pair of Ann Taylor skinny jeans! Your family’s outfits will be coordinated to match YOURS. Shocked. I know. As much as you love your kiddos, take this opportunity to make a memory where you feel your best! Start doing your research now and feel confident and gorgeous for your session with your family! And don't forget, add a tiny bit more makeup than you normally do. A colored lip and extra blush will really look great it pictures! 








Dressing Dad

A nice pair of khakis or navy pants dresses up any neutral colored button up and could coordinate with almost any color dress you choose for yourself!

-Dress pants

-Khaki pants

-Nice jeans


-Solid button down shirts

-Ralph Lauren Polos

-Ties or bowties

-Suspenders, vests, watches

Choosing Colors

The colors of your outfits can totally transform how your images ultimately turn out! If you LOVE that light and airy style that I do, then this section is super important to read! I always recommend selecting lighter tones and more muted shades. By avoiding ultra-bright, bold colors, it will help bring all the attention to your faces and let the eye focus on the way you feel about each other. The camera loves shades of soft pink and muted blues, mixed with sophisticated light neutrals like heather gray, creams, leather brown, navy, and white.

How To prep your kiddos

Here are a few tips to help make your session less stressful and more enjoyable with the kiddos!

  1. Talk about the shoot and what they can expect! Anxiety is the stealer of joy and the last thing we want is for our kids to be scared or anxious.
  2. Show them pictures of past sessions so they know what they're going to be doing!
  3. Bribe them with something special after the shoot! Whether its ice cream treat, or a trip to the Target toy aisle!
  4. Make sure the time of the session doesn't interfere with nap time! This is huge! If it does, please let me know and we’ll work it out!
  5. Try on their clothes ahead of time to make sure they fit and aren’t “itchy” or “too tight”. We want a great picture, but if they aren't comfortable its not going to be fun for anybody. :)
  6. FEED them! The last thing we need is for kiddos to get HANGRY in the middle of their session! You can also pack some clean snacks in the car on the way! (water, grapes, peanuts, cheese sticks, crackers)
  7. Praise, thank, and be proud. There is nothing that our kiddos want to hear more than how proud we are of them, how great they did, and THANK YOU for doing this for mommy and daddy!
  8. ADD A POP OF PRETTY Alright friend, do you ever see photos of kiddos with a flower crown, a floppy hat or a beautiful tulle skirt? It can be as easy as borrowing from a friend or a quick amazon prime purchase to dress up your sweet princess for her photo shoot!
  9. ADD A SLICE OF STUD Who says that boys aren’t fun to dress up? You can easily add a vest, suspenders, or a bow tie to any simple button up or polo to make him feel less like he's going to church and more like he's modeling for GQ!



  1. GPS the location
  2. Show up 10 minutes before your session time
  3. Wear a long, flowy dress
  4. Wear an outfit that covers or hides your trouble areas
  5. Choose colors like neutrals, earth tones, pastels
  6. Choose soft colors such as blush, dusty blue, or cream
  7. Wear solids or non-busy floral patterns
  8. Add a pop of pretty and a slice of stud
  9. Prep your kiddos with good naps, snacks, and treats
  10. Have the kiddos go potty before you leave get excited and have fun!!


  1. Bring a ton of props- the focus should be on YOU.
  2. Wear outfits that cling to or exposes your trouble areas
  3. Choose primary colors such as red, blue, or yellow.
  4. Choose loud colors such as orange, red, or hot pink.
  5. Underdress (t-shirts, tennis shoes, or shorts)
  6. Forget to match accessories to each outfit.
  7. Stress! I will do ALL the work!


Alright friend, I know I just gave you a lot to think about. But I created this guide to take the guess work out of planning your outfits and to help you look your absolute best. I really want to make this experience something that you all enjoy and can look back on as a sweet memory together! At the end of the day, the outfits you choose and the accessories you select won’t matter nearly as much as your love for each other and the time you spent together. Make this a memory. A tradition. Have fun together. Laugh a lot. And I’ll take care of the rest!

Don't Forget!

You’re already dressed up, so you make this an event and go out to eat together as a family to reward yourself for your hard work! Or drop the kids off and make it a date night! DON'T FORGET PHOTO DELIVERY TIMELINE 48 Hours: Sneak Peek 2 Week: Gallery Delivery